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How to Prepare for your Newborn Session


What to bring: We have everything you need for your session! We have hundreds of props, hats, headbands, etc, but you are welcome to bring a special prop if there is something you would love a photo of. We do ask that you bring a pacifier if you are choosing to use one, it is a HUGE help for posing your baby.

2. Sleeping: We want your baby as sleepy as possible for their newborn session! Please try to keep your baby awake one hour before the session begins. Some ideas to use to keep baby awake: give baby a bath, keep baby only in a diaper, play with baby's arms and legs, making doctor's appointments that morning, etc.


3. Feeding: Please make sure your baby has a full belly right before the session. Feeding right before you drive to the studio normally works very well. If we need take feeding breaks throughout the session, we can! We will most likely ask you to feed a little extra if your baby is rooting or awake to get them sleepy. A bottle is very handy if you are using one. Breast-feeding is of course an option as well if you are choosing not to bottle feed and we have a private area for feeding if you need it. If you are breast feeding, make sure you don't have any caffeine the day of the session! Try to avoid eating anything spicy 24 hours before the session. (pizza, hot sauce, garlic, etc.) If you are using gas drops feel free to bring those along as well. The more you feed them in the twelve hours before your session, the sleepier they will be! If you have a long drive, you may want to arrive in town a few hours early to make your session the best it can be.

4. It is a big help to bring your baby in a zip or snap down outfit so we don't have to make them upset by pulling clothes over their head. Loose clothes and no hat/headband marks are also a great help.

5. Babies love to keep their fingers curled. The more you practice flattening their little hands and fingers the easier it will be at their session to see their sweet little fingers!

6. Dress in light layers. We keep the studio 85 degrees to keep your baby safe and warm!


And don’t worry another copy will be sent to you a couple days before your appointment as a reminder.

Kailee Brooke Photography

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