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5 things to do with your Kids during social distancing:

1. Games and more games!

Now is the time to dust off all those board games and old card games you never play anymore. My son and I have pulled out every game we have in the past couple days to relieve some of our boredom. Go fish is one of his favorites he likes to play but my favorite is Sorry. Some other good ones to try our Trouble, Candy Land, Old Maid, UNO or Guess Who…. I think you are getting the point.

2. Bring on Education:

Educating your kids while not in school is going to be very important especially if school never goes back in session. There is a lot of education sites that are allowing you to sign up for free to help your kids stay learning while stuck at home. (ABC Kids, PBS Kids) I found a new site called Fluency and Fitness that is also great. It’s an app on your phone that gets kids up and moving while still learning reading and math skills. ** ABC App code is SCHOOL5853

3. Fun Places to Go Virtually:

My first pick is the San Diego Zoo, they are one of the most famous zoos in the world. Since you can’t see it in person it is pretty amazing to see from your own home. The Oklahoma City Zoo is also doing live feeds everyday as well as the Cincinnati Zoo. Some Aquariums that are doing the same live feeds are Georgia Aquarium, The National Aquarium, and Monterey Bay Aquarium. They are all a must see.

4. Cooking and Baking:

It’s a good time to teach your kids how to cook or just let them help you out. A simple cracking an egg, pouring the batter or anything to make them feel like they are helping out tremendously. Ebooks can be purchased from Amazon, Ibooks or kindle apps. You can also use your local library app and borrow a cookbook. I have been getting out some old cookbooks out of the pantry and starting to make stuff from there.

5. Outside Fun:

If you are still able to get out of the house a simple bike ride or a walk might be good. My son just learned how to ride his bike so he has been spending a lot of his time riding up and down our street. Staying active and fresh air is very important during social distancing.

**Check out for a list of 125 things to do

Hope all of these tips become very helpful for you and remember to stay positive.


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